World Cup at White House

The GlobeMed at Northwestern GROW trip members and fellow American students. Photo courtesy of Reema Ghatnekar.

So far, our time here has been amazing. Last Saturday, we went to one of the local bar/restaurants, White House, to watch the Ghana versus USA soccer game. We met some fellow American students, as well as many locals. It was amazing to see how excited the entire country was about the World Cup games, especially since Ghana is the last African country left. After Ghana won, the entire city began to celebrate. An impromptu parade began around Ho and the city was completely alive: people were singing, dancing, and hugging in the middle of the street, completely ecstatic about Ghana’s victory over the US. Tonight is the Ghana versus Uruguay game, so we’ll be heading back to White House to make some new friends and watch the game. Go Ghana Blackstars! – REEMA GHATNEKAR

Photo courtesy of Reema Ghatnekar.

Celebration following the Ghana-US world cup game. Photo courtesy of Reema Ghatnekar.


One thought on “World Cup at White House

  1. Hi Reema,

    Very interesting and fascinating encounters you have come across! I am sure you are proud of your hard work and experience with Ghana. I am sure that you will treasure all these memories and form a base for your future endeavors.


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