NUpcycle: Episode 1-Coffee Cozy

Check out the first episode of upcycling tutorials brought to you by GlobeMed, SEED, The Roosevelt Institute, and Inspire Films. Check out for more episodes and upcycling ideas!

If each one of Northwestern’s 8,000 students throw out 3 cardboard coffee sleeves a week, we’re throwing 1,248,000 cardboard sleeves into landfills each year (and let’s be honest, we all drink more than 3 cups of coffee a week…)

Do your part to reduce your waste by learning how to make a reusable coffee cozy. Watch the video to learn how!

The materials you needs are: a sewing needle, thread, cardboard coffee sleeve, tracing marker or chalk, and eco-felt or an old sweater. We are using eco-felt because it’s a material made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. You can buy eco-felt cheaply at any craft store. It’s about $0.59 for a 9X11 piece at Tom Thumb on Davis Street. However, if you want to make this project even more environmental, you can make this from an old sweater. Check out this great tutorial by CraftStylish to learn how!


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