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Ghana Outlook

  This past week we traveled to Ada to help another organization, Ghana Outlook, construct a school. Similar in its model to GlobeMed, Ghana Outlook is partnered with the Cheshire Fire Cadets from Britain. This year the organization raised over $80,000- quite an amazing feat! Over the span of 18 months the high school (“secondary … Continue reading

Banku for the Ghanaian Soul

This past Friday we took part in a cooking demonstration at the HOPE Center. It’s meant to show women that are part of the nutrition program how to incorporate soybean powder into everyday dishes they cook at home. The staff also gave tips on how to make a meal healthier using local produce. As Nurse … Continue reading

A Religious Experience

This Sunday we had the special honor of attending Nurse Love’s church, Holy Spirit Church. Since the chapel is located on top of a five story school building, it offers quite a fantastic view of the communities surrounding Ho. I’m not particularly religious, but as someone of Irish Catholic heritage that attends the occasional funeral … Continue reading

Sister Perfect

Although the fresh pineapples are delicious, the palm trees inviting, and the weather warm, the best part of the GROW trip continues to be getting to know the dynamic personalities behind the HOPE Center. At long last, I am able to put a face on the newest member to our partnership, Head Nurse Perfect Titiati. … Continue reading

Republic Day

To all our US friends, Happy Fourth of July! True, this year I may not have been able to chow down on hot dogs while almost blasting off my fingers using contraband fireworks, but instead I was fortunate enough to instead celebrate a sort of Ghanaian equivalent- Republic Day. July 1st commemorates the 51st anniversary … Continue reading

Welcome to Ghana

After months of preparation and a twelve hour plane flight, we finally made it to Ghana! Driving us from Accra to Ho on the red dirt roads through lush greenery, Joseph Achana, the cofounder of the HOPE Center and Rotarian, described Ghanaian politics as he pointed out the monkey sanctuary, Volta Lake, and the bridge … Continue reading

Organization Spotlight: Tiyatien Health

A worthy organization recently brought to the chapter’s attention is Tiyatien Health, a not-for-profit that works to rebuild the failed health system of Liberia.  Liberia is still struggling to recover from a horrific civil war that ended in 2003. Tiyatien Health, headed by the liberian-born doctor Rajesh Panjabi, strives to provide what it terms “justice … Continue reading

Baking up bliss

The chapter recently had our bake sale fundraiser, where we raised over $200 to support outreach programs at the H.O.P.E Center. For an afternoon, customers came to enjoy a variety of delicious treats, as well as to purchase a variety of homemade crafts including coffee sleeves, coasters, and unique jewelry. More craft items can also … Continue reading